Here’s some additional benefits of Spray Foam…

No More Draughts

Heat rises, so why worry about insulating the floor? Yes it is true, heat rises, and will move to the top of your house, however the convection will continue to bring the cold air from outside up through the floorboards and continue to cool the house down. What our high-performance spray foam insulation does is create an airtight seal.

Bye Bye Squeaks

Squeaky floorboards? The other major benefit of under floor spray foam insulation is that it eliminates squeaky floorboards. Prepare yourself for warm floorboards under foot as well as no more noise.

The Healthy Choice

Another added benefit is due to the airtight seal there will be no more dust and other irritants coming up through the floorboards aggravating any allergies.

No Sagging Batts

Unlike batts that sag over time, spray foam sticks and stays. Spray foam insulation adhere directly to the underside of the floor and stays there for life.

Our install guide has a lot more information about cavity wall insulation. If you haven’t already done so, download a copy below.

Need to find out more? Get all the information in our installation guide