Top 10 Questions to Ask your Insulation Installer

Check if the contractor holds the necessary license for the specific insulation product, as requirements vary. While some insulations may not require specialised licensing, others like spray foam demand an exclusive license.

Consider contractors with at least five years of experience, equivalent to approximately 10,000 hours of mastery in the insulation trade. This ensures a higher level of expertise in the field.
Understand the two-stage warranty for renovation projects: one covering labor and the other from the product manufacturer. Contractors typically offer a 10-year warranty for work, while the product warranty depends on the quality and cost.
Ensure that the contractor prioritises safety with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, hard hats, and ventilation equipment. Confirm that secondary equipment like ladders is suitable for the specific insulation application.
Verify that the contractor complies with legal requirements, having worker’s compensation insurance and appropriate liability coverage. Be cautious if a price seems too good to be true, as it may indicate a lack of insurance coverage.
Explore the range of insulation products available, including spray foam, batt, loose-fill, blown-in fiberglass, and cellulose. Rely on the contractor’s expertise to guide you towards the most suitable insulation based on your needs.
Ensure the contractor allocates sufficient time for a thorough assessment of your home. The duration may vary depending on the size and complexity of the insulation job, emphasising the importance of allowing ample time for a comprehensive evaluation.

Expect the contractor to provide a detailed overview of different insulation products, highlighting their pros and cons. After understanding your project, the contractor should offer a qualified opinion on the recommended insulation type and explain the reasons behind the choice.

Receive a detailed estimate, free of charge, outlining the projected timeline and costs for the insulation job. While unexpected challenges may arise, the price should remain transparent and within the initially provided estimate.

Inquire about the potential need for air sealing or other improvements to enhance the effectiveness of the insulation. A capable insulation contractor should be equipped to address these requirements, ensuring a comprehensive and successful home improvement project.

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