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Why choose Canberra’s Specialists In Home Insulation

Alexander Watson is Canberra’s leading specialist in Blow-In Insulation, Batts and Canberra’s ONLY supplier of spray foam insulation engineered to suit Canberra’s Hot-in-Summer, Cold-in-Winter climate extremes.

Our solutions provide optimal thermal and noise reduction properties make them the ideal solution to make your home more comfortable, peaceful, energy efficient and above all, healthy for your family.

All Alexander Watson insulation installers are approved and certified, providing your family with a trusted, fast and easy solution to your home insulation requirements. Quality workmanship and polite friendly service are paramount to us in making your home ‘Canberra Proof’.

Insulation removal

Specialist Services

Whether you are renovating or simply cleaning out the ceiling before reinsulating, our insulation vacuums can remove any type of insulation quickly and safely.

Blow in insulation

Ceiling insulation

Made with industry-leading Knauff engineered glasswool materials, our Codemark-certified Blow-in Insulation is the perfect option for any retrofitting job.

Earthwool Ceiling Batts

Ceiling insulation

Made from recycled materials with no added Formaldehyde, pest and fire resistant, and no longer itchy, Earthwool is the perfect choice for reinsulating after old insulation is removed.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is the new standard in insulating your existing home to prevent against drafts, moisture and heat loss. Spray Foam is guaranteed to keep you comfortable all year round.

Why Employees?

By using our fully trained and supervised employees for all retrofitting work, we take complete responsibility of your home and retain complete control over the quality of work we do

Why Thermal Imaging?

When a 5% gap in your insulation can give up to 50% reduction in thermal performance, getting a gap free guarantee is important. Our thermal camera can pick up even the smallest of gaps in a cover of insulation so we won’t leave the job until its done right

Why Both Types of Insulation

Despite what some say, there’s no such thing as a one size fits all insulation solution. To be a true insulation specialist, you have to have a range of products at your disposal and be able to choose the one that will guarantee the best installation. With both batt and blow in products available, you’ll have the choice of what will be best for your home.

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Great service. Modern technology and products.

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