As energy-efficient homes become more important for both a more comfortable lifestyle and reduced energy bills, many homeowners wonder what the best material to replace older insulation is. Batts are probably one of the best known but have not always been popular with many homeowners. For many years, they smelled strongly of formaldehyde, and if you are installing them yourself, they were quite itchy.

Technology has improved batts, and when you work with a company such as Alexander Watson Home Insulation there is no smell of formaldehyde, and the itching problem is negated. Our insulation batts are Earthwool batts which are both ecologically friendly and a perfect way to reduce your energy bill. Primarily made of sand and recycled glass, they are very soft and easy to install and come in a variety of sizes. When you’re thinking of using insulation batts in Canberra Earthwool is a brilliant choice.

Insulation batts produce limited dust

For your home in Canberra insulation batts produce limited dust. They are almost always the first choice of professionals who want to use the best materials to insulate a house. Not only are they resilient but they have a very high R-value, the value which determines the effectiveness of material used in insulation. Earthwool has other advantages. As noted it is odourless -the formaldehyde odour familiar to older insulation is gone. Earthwool is also rot proof and doesn’t encourage the development of unhealthy substances such as mould, bacteria, or fungi.

Earthwool also has exceptional acoustic properties and is fire-resistant. Many brands also come with long warranties which means that you won’t have to be thinking again about new insulation for your home for many years. As well, batts are also one of the fastest ways to insulate your home.

We are the company to choose

It’s important to find a company that will work with you to make sure that the insulation used in your home is the right kind and in the right places. Too many companies will install insulation in your home but not check to see if it’s working properly. A mere 5% gap in coverage means that you can lose as much as 50% of the R-value of home’s insulation. Not only do we use quality materials such as Earthwool to insulate your home, but we also use thermal imaging to find the places where it’s easy for heat to get in and get out. We also use it to check to check our own work to make sure we’ve done a top-quality job.

Whether you need roof, walls, or floor insulation we can find the right solution that will make your home much more energy efficient. This leads to not only a more comfortable lifestyle for you and your family but reduced energy bills as well. Our fully trained technicians can help you find just the right solution for your insulation needs.