Send Your Kid to Work Instead of School

Local insulation retrofit experts, Alexander Watson Insulation, are hiring school aged insulation installers as an alternative to having them kept at home with their parents whilst schools are closed.

Company founder Jeremy Watson stated that young children make fantastic installers as “they can fit into the tight spots in the roof a lot easier than our usual blokes”.

Whilst the child labourers won’t be eligible for COVID-19 job keeper payments, there are significant financial advantages to employing children with “one kid happy to work for ice cream and a packet of tim tams” according to Mr Watson.

Parents of the children are also responding well to the innovative program with mother of three Natasha from Ngunnawal stating she is “happy to see the little buggers out from under my feet” whilst she transitions to working from home arrangements.

It’s unclear as to how long these working arrangements will remain in place after school resumes however Mr Watson is keen to make the most of the additional labour availability while it lasts. “Canberra is about to get cold and we’ve got plenty of houses to insulate. The more of these kids we can get on the books while they aren’t going to school the better” suggests Mr Watson.

If you would like to take advantage of Alexander Watson Insulation’s newfound labour force to ensure your home is ready for Winter with the right insulation, or if you would like to offload your whippersnapper while you’re trying to work from home, please contact Alexander Watson Insulation today.


EDIT… Ok so this obviously was a bit of fun for April Fool’s Day, as great as they’d be at fitting in tight roofs we aren’t hiring kids. We are however, getting ready for the cold weather to hit and we have a team of fully grown installers standing by to help you Canberra proof your home!