In most cases, you can’t see heat transfer with the naked eye, but you sure can feel it. Whether your home is losing heat in the winter or getting too much of it in the summer, a home with heat transfer problems is never as comfortable as it should be. No matter how hard your air conditioning unit works, it can’t beat the swells of summer heat that pierce through gaps in your insulation. As for the winter, your furnace ends up working overtime because so much of the heat just pours through those gaps and out of your house.

At Alexander Watson Insulation, we can help you restore the comfort of your home. We sell insulation for ceilings (as well as floors and walls) throughout the ACT. More than just carrying insulation products, though, we can also help you see where heat transfer is happening so that you understand the problem and how it might be solved.

See Your Heat Transfer Problem for Yourself, with Thermal Imaging Services from Alexander Watson Insulation

One of the challenges of shopping for insulation for a ceiling in Canberra is that heat transfer could feasibly be happening anywhere in your home. The insulation is hidden behind your walls, and while you can certainly walk around your home and feel areas where the air isn’t as warm or cool as it should be, it’s still difficult to know exactly where the problem is without seeing it for yourself.

As mentioned previously, you can’t see heat transfer with the naked eye. However, you can see it with thermal imaging. A thermal camera can identify variations in heat levels throughout your home—behind your walls, underneath your floors or in your ceilings. It can tell you where heat is going in your house and how it is getting in or out.

At Alexander Watson Insulation, we rely on thermal imaging in our day to day work. If you are looking for insulation for a ceiling in an ACT home, we won’t just sell you the product and wish you the best of luck. On the contrary, we can come to your home and use our thermal camera to find exactly where the gaps in your insulation are. This process saves you the cost of replacing all your insulation, or the tedious trial and error of trying to find insulation gaps through other methods.

Get the Most out of the Insulation for Your Ceiling

All insulation products come with an R-value. This value shows the resistance the product offers against heat transfer. Higher R-value insulation products are more effective for preventing heat transfer, and thus better at keeping your home cool and comfortable (or warm and comfortable, in winter). However, just because you have insulation with high R-values doesn’t mean your problem is solved. On the contrary, just a 5% gap in the cover of insulation and result in a 50% reduction in R-value. In other words, you can’t achieve total effective insulation without closing all the gaps.

At Alexander Watson Insulation, we offer a ‘gap free guarantee.’ We are confident that, with our thermal imaging equipment and our knowledge of insulation design, we can find every insulation gap in your home. From there, we can choose the right insulation products to patch the gaps. If you have been shopping in Canberra for insulation for your ceiling, give us a call. We will help you make your home more comfortable and more energy efficient to boot. You can reach us on 02 6181 2750.