Perhaps you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency because you are tired of paying an arm and a leg in energy bills each month. Or maybe you just want to reduce your carbon footprint. Either way, insulation is a significant factor in a home’s energy efficiency, month to month cost and overall comfort. At Alexander Watson Insulation, we offer custom home insulation solutions in Canberra, including a convenient spray insulation application. With our products and knwohow, you will be able to boost your home’s Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) and save money on your monthly heating or cooling bills.

Understanding EER

EER is a score out of 10 that indicates how energy efficient a home is. A house that has a lower EER, for instance, 2 or 3, is not very effective. A home with an EER of 10 is incredibly efficient. All households in the Australian Capital Territory are scored on this scale. In fact, it is mandatory for all ACT homes to have EER scores. The rating must be disclosed at the time of sale or purchase. Only a government accredited energy assessor can provide a homeowner with an EER statement.

A home with a higher EER will be more attractive to potential buyers than one with a lower score. Many home buyers these days are actively looking for more sustainable housing options. Buyers are also conscious of how energy efficiency can impact their month to month living expenses. Homes that are going to have lower heating, cooling or electricity bills are attractive because they cost less to own and maintain in the long run.

As you might expect, insulation is a huge part of EER. Insulation that can successfully guard against heat transfer throughout the house will reduce the cost to keep the home heated during winter and air conditioned in summer. By lowering your home’s energy usage, insulation can also boost your EER score. Alexander Watson Insulation, with our solutions for spray insulation in Canberra, can help you find and patch gaps in your home’s insulation so that you minimise heat transfer across the board.

Call Alexander Watson for Your Canberra Spray Insulation Needs

The application of spray insulation in your Canberra home can be an effective way to improve energy efficiency and score a better EER. If you need spray insulation application in ACT, just give us a call at Alexander Watson Insulation. Using a thermal imaging camera, we can find the insulation gaps that are causing heat transfer problems throughout your home. From there, we will educate you about the problem and recommend the best products to solve it. In addition to spray insulation, we also work with a range of other insulation products, which means we can always find the right solution.

Are you ready to have a more energy efficient home? To learn more about Alexander Watson Insulation and our spray insulation solutions in Canberra, give us a call on 02 6181 2750. We would be happy to sit down with you, tell you about what we do and help you understand how our products and solutions can help you score a better EER. Reach out today.