Most people in Canberra ACT dream of the day when they can purchase a house, but becoming a homeowner is now arguably more challenging than ever before. The latest generations struggle to save up enough money for a deposit, and many people worry that their jobs aren’t secure enough to commit to a mortgage. Even after buying a property, there are more costs to worry about than just the mortgage alone, and if you want to have enough cash set aside to pay for maintenance and a few treats, you need to keep your bills to a minimum.

Unfortunately, reducing your energy usage is easier said than done, with summer demanding that we power our AC units every day and the cold winters forcing us to keep the boiler switched on. You might have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on purchasing a property, so the least you can expect is for it to keep you cosy at all times. If you want to remain comfortable indoors while minimising your dependency on the AC system, now might be the time to seek advice from an experienced home insulation specialist in Canberra ACT.

At Alexander Watson Home Insulation, we’re more than happy to offer advice and recommendations over the phone, or we can visit your premises to inspect the quality of your insulation to help you decide whether now might be an ideal time to upgrade. You don’t have to remove all your existing insulation before applying a new solution, but we may suggest getting rid of weak spots so that we can eventually improve your home’s R rating. Plus, because we stock such a broad selection of insulation products, you can feel confident that we’ll recommend the correct solution rather than try to upsell the only product we stock.

Contact a Canberra Home Insulation Specialist

We can check for weak spots on your property’s existing insulation by using thermal imaging, which accurately shows us where heat is being allowed to escape from your home. Even a small damaged area can reduce your home’s R rating significantly, making it vital for a specialist to inspect every room thoroughly. After we know where the weak spots are and what improvements are required, we can recommend the most suitable form of insulation and provide a complete and honest upfront quote for the work.

As a home and insulation specialist in ACT that values honesty, you can feel confident that there will be no surprises or hidden charges for our work, and we never just recommend the most expensive products because we recognise the benefit of treating customers fairly. We treat our clients as we like to be treated ourselves, and we guarantee that we’ll make your home more economical than ever before with our fantastic range of products.

A Home Insulation Specialist You Can Trust

At Alexander Watson Home Insulation, we want to help everybody in the Canberra ACT area make their properties as energy efficient as possible, and we know that the only way to go green is to ensure your house is well insulated. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.