If you are going to trade out the insulation in your home, make sure you do it right.

Replacing insulation is a pain. The process involves getting behind the walls, under the floors or into the ceilings. It’s a hefty renovation, one that you probably only want to do once. The problem is, if you choose the wrong type of insulation or hire a contractor who does shoddy work, you might end up dealing with the same heat transfer problems you were trying to solve in the first place.

Trust Alexander Watson Insulation for Quality Workmanship

If you need new insulation in ACT, look no further than Alexander Watson Insulation. We have been in business since 2011, but our founder and namesake, Alexander Watson, has been installing insulation in Canberra since 2004. He brings a wealth of experience to the table—the kind of experience you want in the room when you are designing a custom insulation solution for your home.

We have also invested heavily in the equipment we use. In fact, some of the machinery we use for our work is so top-of-the-range that we are the only insulation business in Australia to possess it. When you hire us for your Canberra insulation needs, you are also hiring our equipment, which is the best in the industry.

Our installers are also among the best in the industry. Some insulation companies in ACT just sell the products and then farm out the installation work to contractors. These contractors might be skilled in a wide variety of work, but they are rarely very familiar with the insulation products they are using, and they don’t have the kind of specialised equipment that we use at Alexander Watson Insulation. We never use contractors, opting instead for fully trained and well supervised in-house installation installers. Our installers don’t just dabble in insulation; they specialise in it. This care and attention to detail mean you get the best installation possible, with no gaps for heat to worm its way into (or out of) your home.

Buy Insulation in ACT with Total Peace of Mind

From helping you choose the right insulation products for your home to checking our work with a thermal imaging camera that can find even the smallest gaps, we will do everything we can to guarantee your satisfaction. When you hire Alexander Watson Insulation, we will take total ownership of your project, as if it was our house we were working on rather than yours. The result is some of the most thorough insulation work in the industry.

Are you interested in learning more about Alexander Watson Insulation? If so, give us a call soon. We can tell you a bit more about the equipment we use or provide you with a free price quote for your Canberra insulation installation. Ring us on 02 6181 2750 to get in touch!