Most homeowners in Canberra ACT try their hardest to keep their utility bills to a minimum to save cash and protect the environment, but during the hot summer months, we have no choice but to power our AC units to remain comfortable indoors. Similarly, we need to use our boilers during the winter to stay cosy inside, and we always need access to hot running water. Fortunately, you can become more economical and minimise your bills by insulating your home, but you might need to contact the professionals for insulation removal in Canberra ACT first.

Removing your current insulation before applying another layer to increase your home’s energy efficiency might sound counterintuitive, but old, damaged, and low-quality insulation may be hampering your efforts to minimise your dependency on the boiler. Sometimes, rodents and other pests can transform fibreglass insulation into an ideal habitat, and even a small patch in your insulation can result in your home losing 50 percent of its R rating. Fortunately, our professionals can inspect your home to find weak spots before adding an improved layer of insulation.

At Alexander Watson Home Insulation, we can improve your home’s R rating significantly by removing any insulation that’s ineffective before applying a new solution that promises to last for years or even decades. We use the latest, powerful vacuums to remove insulation quickly and without creating a mess, and we use thermal imaging to find weak spots so that we don’t have to remove all your existing insulation. Keep reading below to learn more about why insulation removal in Canberra ACT is often necessary when trying to make your home more economical.

Canberra Insulation Removal

By increasing your home’s R rating via installing new insulation, you can save hundreds on your bills every year, meaning the insulation eventually pays for itself. More importantly, you can remain comfortable at all times without having to power your AC units and boiler, but we may need to remove some of your existing insulation first for the following reasons:

  • Water damage: Unfortunately, too much exposure to water can compromise the quality of your insulation, and instead of attempting to repair it, you’ll probably save cash by having it removed. Thanks to thermal imaging, we only remove what’s necessary before installing a new layer of insulation in Canberra ACT.
  • Fire damage: If your house has recently been damaged by fire, we will probably need to remove at least some of your existing insulation before we can make your home more economical.
  • Pests: As mentioned above, rodents and other critters sometimes choose to make a habitat inside a home’s walls, and fibreglass makes the perfect nesting site. Rest assured, we’ll eliminate any insulation that’s providing a breeding ground for unwanted guests.

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At Alexander Watson Home Insulation, we offer insulation removal in Canberra ACT that you can rely on, and we provide the highest grade insulation solutions on the market to help you make your home greener and more economical. Find out more by calling one of our friendly professionals today.