Mandatory Electrical Inspections For Insulation

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  Any person installing insulation must engage an electrician to ensure that the electrical wiring and components are safe to be surrounded by insulation. Electrical inspections are required for ALL insulation installs regardless of the insulation type or install location. DO NOT engage a contractor who will not conduct an electrical inspection or provide a

Spot Where Heat Escapes with Thermal Imaging

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Thermal imaging removes the guesswork when choosing what energy saving item comes next. Picture this, you’ve done your research and have a long list of things to do around your home to make it more energy efficient. Draught seals on the door, replace the downlights, ceiling insulation, double glazing, wall insulation, new blinds, floor insulation…


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Have you ever looked in your roof only to find there’s as much rat poo and dead leaves as there is insulation? Cleaning out the ceiling cavity is just one reason why you might remove old insulation. Here’s a few others… You are planning renovations that involve pulling down the ceilings and don’t fancy being

Insulating Existing Walls

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Getting insulation into existing walls isn’t as tricky as it sounds. It makes an enormous difference to the thermal and acoustic performance of the home making it more comfortable all year round. With the right products and machinery, existing brick veneer and double brick walls can be insulated without having to tear the wall apart.


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