Electrical Compliance

Covering Lights Safely

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Guarantee Gap Free Insulation by Safely Insulating Over Your Lights. Part of any insulation installation is having a safe plan for recessed downlights, which means we need to either have a downlight that is IC rated (IC stands for insulation contact) or a downlight cover that is IC rated fitted to the existing light

Avoiding Nuisance Tripping

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Make your toast and coffee at the same time... When the size of the fuses protecting the existing circuits are reduced, the chance of the circuit tripping when overloaded is increased. We call this nuisance tripping. While not usually a problem for light circuits or power circuits in areas of the home such as

Why Do We Derate Circuits?

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Making cables safe to surround with insulation. The maximum amount of power allowed through a circuit according to Australian Electrical Standards is dictated by the following three things: Cable Gauge - The size of the cable. Thicker cables can safely handle more power and heat. Cable Temperature Rating - This is usually directly correlated


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