Home insulation has become a must in residential homes, especially when you consider how much air can leak out of your home every day. Common air leaks occur in your outer walls, windows, doors, as well as your ceiling. When heated air escapes your home, it can waste a lot of energy and increase your monthly utility costs by a hefty amount. Most homes in Australia, in fact, do not have enough protection from these leaks and thus, energy efficiency ratings are often meagre. The best thing you can do for your Canberra or ACT home is to invest in insulation for your ceilings and walls. With the proper installation, your home will stay heated, save energy, and improve its EEF (energy efficiency rating).

What is an energy efficiency rating? Regarding your entire home, it relates to the collective rating of your A/C or heating units as well as all other electronics and appliances. For your purposes, understand that a higher EEF equates to lower operating and utility costs in your home. Insulation helps to ensure that your EEF rating of your heating and air conditioning unit stays high and keeps costs low. The best thing you can do is contact your trusted ceiling and wall insulation company, Alexander Watson Insulation, to discuss your requirements.

How Does Ceiling and Wall Insulation Help ACT Homes?

Ceiling and wall insulation seals the gaps in your home that let heat escape. It’s quite simple. Without proper insulation, heat escapes, which causes your heating and cooling units to work harder, and costs you more money each month. Many appliance manufacturers will explain that the best way to lower your costs and increase your EEF is to buy high-efficiency devices. You have likely seen advertising for high-efficiency washers and air conditioners which cost thousands of dollars and still don’t solve the problems caused by heat escaping from your home.

Therefore, we at Alexander Watson Insulation strongly recommend having your home properly insulated first. No energy-efficient appliance is going to fix the leaks in your unsealed home. Have your home insulated and see what that does to lower your utility bill. Then, if you are truly interested in high-efficiency devices, you can go from there. However, there is no substitute for installing ceiling and wall insulation in your Canberra home.

We Educate, We Don’t Sell

We understand how much time, effort, and money you put into your ACT home. Our goal is, in the long run, to make sure as little of that money as possible is wasted. Therefore, when you work with us, we will educate you on the necessary insulation for your home. We even show this through our thermal imaging camera, which identifies where heat is going in your home. This way, we can see where it is most important to insulate and where there are gaps in your home.

If you believe your home in Canberra needs ceiling and wall insulation, give us a call on 02 6181 2750 to book a home insulation assessment.