It can be one of the scariest times of the month. The day the electric bill arrives. Undecipherable to most people the one number that matters is the cost. That cost is often dependent on what the weather’s been like lately; the hotter it is in summer and the colder it is in winter means your energy bill will be higher. Most homeowners would love to find a way to drive down their energy bills while at the same time keeping their homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for good wall insulation in Canberra, there is an answer. Alexander Watson Home Insulation uses the most up-to-date materials and equipment to ensure that your home is insulated properly. Even a 5% gap can result in as much as a 50% reduction in the effectiveness of the insulation used in your home. That’s why we offer a gap free guarantee. We can safely remove old inefficient insulation and replace it with new, more modern energy efficient material.

How wall insulation works to blanket your home

The primary purpose of wall insulation or insulation in any part of your home is to create a blanket that in summer helps keep the heat outside and in winter helps keep it inside. In most homes, the majority of heat is lost through exposed walls and the roof. When you’re installing insulation, these are the primary areas you want to work on first. Heat always travels from warmer areas to cooler areas, so a home that has poor insulation or no insulation is truly at the mercy of the weather. Think about it this way. Imagine you have a freezer chest in your basement. Someone accidentally leaves the lid up. Warm air flows into the chest, and the compressor has to work much harder to try and maintain a colder temperature. This is the same thing that happens to a home that’s not insulated properly.

In Canberra wall insulation is all about controlling how that heat flows in and out of your home. It means your home uses less energy to cool it in the summer and heat it during winter and using less energy means costs are lower as well.

Excellent insulation for your home

We offer the ideal solution for homeowners who want to improve the comfort level in their homes, use energy more efficiently and as a result lower their energy bills. We use top-quality machinery which allows us to offer a broad range of products. So instead of us just trying to force you to choose a kind of insulation we can look at your home and recommend an application that best suits it. It’s a great way to improve your home’s EER – Energy Efficiency Rating.

One of the ways we help do this is that we use thermal imaging to spot those gaps where heat enters or leaves your home. This allows us to recommend better ways to insulate your home and also recommend other measures that you can take to improve your energy efficiency. Our employees are fully trained and can make just the right recommendation for your home. When you want improved wall insulation in the ACT or Canberra area give us a call.