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Price Guide

Using the floor area of your home as a guide, use the table below to look up approximate pricing for some of our common products and services. For a standard Canberra home with a suspended timber floor, brick walls and a tile roof these prices will be pretty accurate. Obviously these costs may vary for depending on structural features such as raked ceilings and iron roofs as well as for jobs that require travel outside of the Canberra region.

Ceilings Walls Floors
Floor Area (m2) Insulation Removal Only Insulation Removal and R6 Replacement Insulation Top Up Cavity Wall Insulation Spray Polyurethane Foam
60 1216 3711 1864 2713 2904
80 1612 4944 2481 3606 3870
100 2022 6194 3097 4516 4840
120 2418 7426 3711 5426 5808
140 2829 8659 4327 6320 6774
160 3225 9908 4945 7230 7746
180 3637 11138 5578 8125 8712
200 4033 12371 6194 9033 9678

A few other things to consider…

  • Electrical Compliance – All AWI installs receive an electrical safety inspection prior to insulating. In most cases where there will be loose fill insulation remaining or being added to the home, for example cavity wall insulation, this will mean some changes to the circuit protection on the existing cables. This work can range from a few hundred dollars for more recent boards, through to approximately $1700 for homes that require full switchboard upgrades.
  • Roof Safety Systems – It is a national WHS requirement to use suitable protection when working at heights. At AWI, this usually involves either the installation of temporary edge protection, temporary harness anchor points, or a combination of both. Allow $605 for the installation and use of these systems during any insulation upgrade that requires work on the roof.
  • Draught Sealing Exhaust Fans – Allow about $88 per exhaust fan and $250 per tastic heat/light/fan combo if you would like to have draught seals fitted to save heat unnecessarily through exhaust fans when they aren’t in operation. For tastic fans, this price includes our electrician making a wiring change so the heat lamps can only run with the fan to prevent overheating.
  • Downlight Protection and/or Changeovers – By either fitting downlight covers over lights that aren’t suitable to bury with insulation, or switching them out to LED’s that are, you can guarantee an uninterrupted cover of ceiling insulation. Allow $48 per downlight cover or $88 for standard sized downlight changeovers.
  • Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream – A dry wall is a warm wall. Complete your wall insulation with Stormdry masonry protection cream and get the full benefit of your wall insulation year round. Allow $35 per m2 for installation or speak to our team about our DIY options.

Not sure of your house size?

Please get in touch and we will measure your house using our online tools as shown in the adjacent image. We use a system called NearMap that uses up to date aerial imagery to provide accurate perimeter and roof area calculations. If you aren’t sure how big your home is, rest assured our team will be able to tell you pretty quickly!

Request a copy of our current price guide…

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