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Make Your Home Comfortable and Energy Efficient

Insulation for Existing Walls Canberra

Make your existing Canberra home warm in winter and cool in summer with our high-performance wall insulation solutions

Your Canberra home does not have to be freezing cold over the icy winter or roasting hot in the Canberra summer.
No matter the age of your home, there is a high-performance retrofit insulation solution available.
Our engineered blow-in wall insulation systems are designed to keep you Snug and Sound year round.
Available exclusively through Alexander Watson, the Supafil wall insulation range is the only independently certified product on the market to give you guaranteed performance and peace of mind.

Wall Insulation Products and Services to Best Fit Your Home

Supafil Cavity Wall Insulation

Supafil® is a versatile insulation solution designed for use in new or existing masonry cavity walls with a brick or block outer leaf that may be rendered. It can be injected from either the inside or outside of the walls, providing a long-lasting and durable insulation solution. The insulation material, Supafil®, is known for its effectiveness in meeting the high-quality and durability standards demanded in construction projects. Supafil® is particularly valued for its contribution to reducing carbon and energy footprints, aligning with environmental standards and sustainability goals. Supafil® stands out as a premium-quality insulation solution that addresses the challenges of modern construction while promoting environmental responsibility.

  • Supafil® offers a highly efficient insulation solution for homeowners, providing effective thermal performance to regulate indoor temperatures and enhance energy efficiency.
  • Supafil® not only regulates temperatures but also contributes to overall comfort by minimising drafts and maintaining a consistent indoor climate.
  • Supafil’s quick implementation is beneficial for homeowners, minimising disruption during installation and allowing for faster project completion.
  • Known for its long-lasting properties, Supafil® ensures durable insulation that stands the test of time, contributing to the longevity and resilience of the building structure.
  • By choosing Supafil®, homeowners actively contribute to environmental sustainability, as the insulation solution helps reduce carbon and energy footprints, aligning with modern eco-friendly building standards.



Insulbloc External Wall Insulation

Our Insulbloc® spray foam insulation product is highly versatile and can be applied in a continuous and seamless spray creating a uniform membrane. The product is a closed-cell foam and thus has outstanding moisture and air barrier properties. Another great benefit to our Insulbloc® spray foam product is the fact that it adheres to all different shapes and surfaces because it is applied as a spray. This really does afford creativity in the architectural process as the foam adheres to any creative feature, shape or curve in the design as well irregular contours such as I-beams, corrugated roofing, decks and other construction materials.

No matter how unique the circumstances are, Insulbloc® provides an excellent barrier and prevents entry of dust, draughts, pollen and also noise. This sustainable and long lasting product easily seals all minor gaps left in any construction work and thus blocks heat flow bypassing the insulation membrane. All in all our Insulbloc® product outclasses every other insulation system available on the market.

  • INSULBLOC® boasts one of the highest R-Values in Australia, it ensures a continuous, uniform membrane for creative architectural designs and irregular contours where space is limited.

  • INSULBLOC® insulation is specifically designed for external wall insulation and adheres to various shapes and surfaces.

  • INSULBLOC® is resistant to the spread of fire, dust, moisture, vapour, fungi, bacteria, mould, mildew, and vermin. It not only protects itself from damage but also prevents harm to the structure of your home.

  • Proudly Australian: As a local Australian company, choosing INSULBLOC® supports the domestic insulation industry.

Why choose Canberra’s Specialists In Home Insulation

  • Leading Insulation Specialist in the ACT.
  • Established since 2011

  • Certified People – We only use EEC Certified Installers
  • Certified Products – Ensure products are certified fit for purpose
  • Protect Your Investment – Lifetime Warranty
  • Professional & Reliable Team

Government Assistance Eligibility

You can receive a rebate of 50% of the total installation price, capped at $2,500, to ‘top up’ or replace ceiling insulation. The total R-value must be R5. 0 or higher. You must be installing or upgrading insulation in an existing home.


Our Clients Love us

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Matt HughesMatt Hughes
21:38 01 Jun 24
Professional from beginning to end. We had ceiling insulation installed and the team were communicative, punctual and the house is noticeably warmer. Would strongly recommend.
Greg GarrettGreg Garrett
23:14 29 May 24
Andy, Kaila and Ian were all more than happy to help and provide advice. Kaila organised Andy to visit my home and assess our needs, this happened very quickly and a quote was provided the same day. Delivery of the product was arranged and Ian arrived when stated, was polite and helpful in placing the materials where we requested. Overall 5 star service from all staff that I dealt with, would highly recommend this company.
Herman van de BrugHerman van de Brug
08:55 28 May 24
We had ceiling and wall insulation installed, as well as a draughts-stopper over the bathroom fan.Because of the nature of the job, I had some requests that would not come up very often and were not that easy to work around. I found not only did Alexander Watson take careful note of my needs, it was also very flexible as the date of parts of the installation had to be changed (they depended on other jobs having been done).I would think that builders would find their competent staff and flexibility a huge benefit, as they would deal with a lot more moving parts some of which may be delayed than we did on our more simple insulation upgrade albeit a bit different from the norm.
Klaus HerrmannKlaus Herrmann
11:25 17 May 24
The Watson team did an incredible job in spray foaming the shipping container, which is our temporary home. They went the famous “extra mile” to get the job done under difficult circumstances. Thanks heaps, for that! I can really recommend Watson and will use them again for my next insulation project.
Michelle WaterfordMichelle Waterford
00:09 07 May 24
Laura WilsonLaura Wilson
02:18 19 Apr 24
Huge thanks to the team at Alexander Watson for insulating our ceiling (vacuum and re-lay) and for carrying out additional electrical work. Especially, thanks to Ash for answering our countless questions, to Jack and the install team for a fantastic job, and to Chris and Wally for all their help post-install. The service and communication of the whole team was excellent and we're really impressed with the difference their work has made to the comfort of our house. I would not hesitate to engage Alexander Watson again - happy to highly recommend this company.
Nicholas SealeyNicholas Sealey
04:22 17 Apr 24
Unbelievable Service from start to finish. Alexander Watson delivered excellence from the Quote to Finish. Outstanding people, well trained, helpful throughout the process and accountable for their work. I can truely say that I have never had such a positive experience and happy to pay my Invoice. Alexander Watson you are setting the standard for every business in the ACT
Dean FieldingDean Fielding
19:03 13 Mar 24
From start to finish, the sales team the front office, the installers were amazing. Had wall and underfloor installation done. Very professional and they keep you updated with great communications. Highly recommended. Our house is now so warm and looking forward to the Canberra winter. Thank you Anderson Watson Insulation.
05:19 13 Mar 24
Excellent service from beginning to end. Workers appeared on time and conducted their jobs in a timely manner. Work was finished within 3 weeks of the quote. Everything was carefully explained so there were no nasty surprises. Highly recommend this company for underfloor insulation. We are already starting to see a difference, with the house experiencing only a 2-degree Celsius change throughout the day.

Insulation FAQ’s

Why do I need to remove the insulation from my ceiling?2024-02-16T13:54:54+00:00

Removing insulation from a ceiling might be necessary for many reasons, such as renovations, pest issues, installing new insulation, electrical safety and health. For more information see our insulation removal page here.

What is the purpose of crosshatching/adding another layer of insulation?2024-04-17T05:11:45+00:00

Cross-hatching two layers of insulation results in a substantial improvement in insulation efficiency. For more information about cross-hatching, download our Retrofit Guide here.

How do I choose ceiling insulation?2024-02-16T13:52:51+00:00

It all depends on the type of roof and the ceiling cavity. Usually batts are the best option, however in some cases a loose insulation or other specialised product might be a more effective solution.

How long does it take to install insulation?2024-02-16T14:08:45+00:00

Our team will be able to give you an approximate insulation installation booking length according to the size of your home. Generally, we’re able to complete insulation upgrades in 1-2 days.

What is a roof safety system?2024-02-16T14:08:22+00:00

The roof safety systems at Alexander Watson usually involve the installation of temporary edge protection, temporary harness anchor points, or a combination of both. It is a national Work Health & Safety requirement to use suitable protection when working at heights.

How do I apply for the Sustainable Household Scheme?2024-02-16T14:08:01+00:00

Once satisfied with your quote, confirm that you’re happy to proceed and are looking to access the ACT Government’s Sustainable Household Scheme. We’ll start the loan application process for you. Brighte will then contact you, guide you through the application, assess your eligibility, and inform you of the outcome.

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