How big are the drill holes and how are they filled in?

When the installers are doing wall insulation they will drill small holes under the windows to ensure all parts of the wall is being insulated. The drill holes are 16mm in diameter and are drilled in between the bricks. To fill them in we use mortar. If your mortar is not a standard grey, our team will aim to get the colour as close as possible to leave a seamless finish.

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Can electrical work be done after wall insulation?

Installing cavity wall insulation can make electrical work more challenging. We recommend completing any wiring or electrical work before installing cavity wall insulation. Insulation doesn't block access entirely, electricians can add wiring in at a later stage using a fibreglass straw rod, though it's more complex than in an empty cavity. However, any insulation related electrical compliance  work will need to be completed before the wall insulation is installed.

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