Moving to a new property in Canberra ACT can be an exciting endeavour, especially if you’re upgrading due to a recent promotion that you’ve worked hard to achieve for years. However, if you’re relocating to an old house, you might be in for a few nasty surprises, and your bills could be much higher than you expected. Sky-high bills could be due to old and faulty AC units and boilers, or they could be caused by a lack of insulation. You need to minimise the heat transfer between the inside of your home and the outdoors, which means that having high-quality insulation is a must.

However, how can you be confident that low-quality or damaged insulation is resulting in expensive utility bills? And, what can do you to remedy the problem?

You need to call an insulation removal specialist in Canberra ACT to inspect your property, and the best professionals use methods such as thermal imaging to gain an accurate picture of what’s missing and what needs fixing. If your insulation has sustained water or fire damage, or if it’s been eaten away by nesting rodents, you may need to have it removed before an improved layer of insulation can be installed.

At Alexander Watson Home Insulation, we can ensure that your property is optimised to diminish the heat transfer between your house and the outdoors, helping you to reduce your utility bills while doing your part to protect the environment. Thanks to using technologically advanced thermal imaging devices, we can identify weak spots efficiently so that we can recommend what to do to remedy the problem. Plus, we stock a broad selection of insulative products, and we will recommend the most suitable solution for your home.

A Canberra Insulation Removal Specialist You Can Trust

We know that you might not want to spend money on repairing the home you’ve only just bought, but by optimising your property’s insulation, you could save hundreds on your utility bills annually. An insulation removal specialist in Canberra ACT will help you minimise your dependency on the AC units during the summer and boiler during the winter, which saves you money as well as helps protect the environment.

After we’ve found the weak spots in your insulation, we use high-quality vacuums to remove the damages efficiently and without spreading dust and debris around your home. Insulation can sustain damage because of a rodent infestation or water or fire damage, in which case removing the affected areas is vital before we can install high-quality installation that will last for years if not decades to come.

We’ll send an insulation removal specialist to your ACT home who only offers honest advice and recommends the most suitable insulation solution for your property, ensuring that our products will last a lifetime without you having to worry about maintenance.

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Why spend lots of cash on your utility bills needlessly when you could minimise them by improving your home’s insulation? Contact an insulation removal specialist today to inspect your home, find the weak spots, and then recommend the best solution to help become more economical.