Making houses more energy efficient is a priority for most homeowners, even in older parts of Canberra or elsewhere in ACT where the buildings date back several decades. Many people assume that energy efficiency cannot be achieved in older buildings, but this is simply not true. Making an older home more energy efficient merely requires awareness of older construction methods, and the strategies to shore up their vulnerabilities when it comes to heat loss. Using the right kind of insulation can take you a long way towards achieving energy efficiency, even in homes that have been around for many years.

Many older homes in Canberra have a cavity wall. Insulation for homes with cavity walls must differ from insulation in newer buildings, because of the way that cavity walls are constructed. A cavity wall is created when two pieces of masonry are built with space in between them. Throughout much of the early-to-mid 20th century, cavity walls were commonplace. The air inside the space acted as an insulator, preventing heat from escaping outside through a single wall.

Old Cavity Walls vs New Ones: What’s the Difference?

Most modern homes improve on the idea of cavity walls by putting fibres in the space between the outer and inner walls. These fibres trap air, which makes it even harder for heat to transfer through it. However, older homes that don’t use this method are much less efficient than newer ones that do. What should you do if your home is old enough to have an empty cavity wall? Do you need to knock it down and have a new one built from scratch, or can you retrofit the existing wall and add material to the space inside that improves its ability to insulate?

How Alexander Watson Home Insulation Helps You with Cavity Wall Insulation

You can find cavity wall insulation in Canberra and throughout the rest of ACT by contacting Alexander Watson Home Insulation. Our company has existed since 2011, and we’re run by a professional with over 13 years of industry experience. We carry a wide variety of insulation options for our customers and can offer convenient cavity wall insulation in ACT that augments your existing cavity walls instead of requiring you to replace them. Choosing us for help gives you premium insulation from experienced professionals, who use highly efficient methods to produce simple but effective results.

Keep the air in your home at the correct temperature and prevent heat loss when you upgrade your cavity wall with our insulation options. Contact Alexander Watson Home Insulation at your earliest convenience and speak with one of the professionals on our staff. We’ll provide you with more details about our products and methods, or answer any questions you have about our business and the services we provide. Call today, and come one step closer to state of the art insulation for your home.