Why Choose Canberra’s Insulation Specialists?

We Don't Use Contractors

All our insulation installers are fully trained and supervised employees.

Why Employees?

By using our fully trained and supervised employees, we take complete responsibility of your home and retain complete control over the quality of work we do.

Get the Gap Free Guarantee

We use thermal imaging to check all our insulation jobs.

Why Thermal Imaging?

When a 5% gap in your insulation can give up to 50% reduction in thermal performance, getting a gap free guarantee is important. Our thermal camera can pick up even the smallest of gaps in a cover of insulation so we won't leave the job until its done right.

We Do The Lot

We install both batts and blow in insulation (and our vacuum can remove them too).

Why Both Types of Insulation?

Despite what some say, there's no such thing as a one size fits all insulation solution. To be a true insulation specialist, you have to have a range of products at your disposal and be able to choose the one that will guarantee the best installation. With both batt and blow in products available, you'll have the choice of what will be best for your home.