Canberra is Cold. Your home doesn’t have to be.

Perhaps the greatest insulation fallacy going around is that old Canberra homes are cold because they’re just old.  This is simply not true, old homes are cold because they either have no insulation or terrible insulation. Either way, old homes can be brought up to the same, if not better, thermal performance standard as new homes with the right insulation. At Alexander Watson, we specialise in retrofitting insulation to existing ceilings, walls and floors to create delightful living spaces that remain comfortable all year round.

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Insulation – Like clothes for your house

You need the right clothes when it’s cold, your  house needs the right insulation. Sometimes we find talking about insulation to a Canberra homeowner is like explaining clothes to a nudist! For some reason people will very quickly layer up with clothes when the temperature drops but neglect to put the right amount of insulation in their homes. This is the mindset we need to break, Canberra is cold but your house doesn’t have to be. Contact us to get the right amount of insulation for your home.

We Fix Cold Houses

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Thanks to everyone, and particularly Nathan, Tom and the team, for a great job. We are definitely feeling the difference already – should have done this years ago! We would recommend Alexander Watson’s services to anyone who asks.

Vickie Hingston-Jones, Conder

Brilliant, professional service. From the initial quote to installation I could not fault a thing. Communication was great & everyone polite and professional.

Susan McLay, Holt

After being given the runaround for 6 weeks by JustRite on a pretty straight forward insulation removal job I contacted Alexander Watson and had them booked in to do it straight away. It’s not an enviable job, but their team did a very professional job removing the old insulation.

Hugh Evans, Curtin

What a great outfit. A quality product and best of all fantastic service. Thanks Norm & Jeremy for your support.

Sarah Stringer, Belconnen

Their quote and advice was accurate, quick and reliable. They are great professionals and they did a great job insulating our whole house. Even though our home is an old construction and they encountered some issues while doing the jobs, they managed to get the best solution for our options, while keeping the budget as estimated in the beginning. I can’t recommend them enough!

Sofia Samper, Downer

We purchased a new town house two years ago only to find the insulation install much less than basic standard, with little if any chance of satisfaction from the original installers. We then researched the insulation industry in the Canberra area and it became obvious that Alexander Watson was highly thought of for their industry knowledge, customer service and quality of work. We arranged for them to reinstall and improve the insulation in our home and found them a pleasure to deal with. Their work quality, insulation products and customer service is first class. I highly recommend them.

Mark Green, Yass

Alexander Watson Insulation installed ceiling, wall and under floor insulation and upgraded some of our lighting to modern LED lights at our place in Latham. We were given a very competitive quote in a short time-frame following our first phone conversation. All phases of the job went very smoothly, and the quality of the work and materials used was excellent. The company is well equipped to undertake this work. The communication with us and planning went flawlessly. All the Alexander Watson staff were expert in their job, punctual, polite and a pleasure to deal with both in person and on the phone. They gave me clear and informed answers to all my questions. I recommend Alexander Watson Insulation to family, friends and more broadly.

John Close, Latham

The easiest way to find out a business is to hear from its clients. There’s no surprise that the most common words used in our client’s reviews are “professional’, “team’ and “communication’ along with phrases such as “we should’ve done this years ago”.

We’re proud to be a local Canberra family who have built our business from the ground up. From very humble beginnings, over the past 13 years we’ve cemented our position as Canberra’s retrofit insulation specialists. We know we’re awesome, our clients know we’re awesome, now its time for you to find out.

No more excuses, say goodbye to your cold house this Winter with the right insulation.

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Getting The Right Ceiling Insulation

If you have the wrong insulation or simply don’t have enough insulation, you’re losing heat unnecessarily.  As a rule of thumb, if you can see the timbers in your roof, you don’t have enough insulation. Furthermore, old insulation often compresses over time and loses its effectiveness. Getting rid of old and inefficient insulation to make room for new is a great start to any insulation upgrade.

Removing your existing insulation can be done quickly and cleanly with our specialist vacuum machinery. Along with the insulation, years of dust, droppings and debris also disappear leaving a beautiful clean canvas to work with.

When its time for the new insulation, a crosshatched cover of high performance Earthwool ensures a gap free coverage that will maintain comfort on the harshest of Winter nights.